An aching body

Ah today is my unofficial last day of work! Haha, why I say it's unofficial is because I'm stopping for the time being only, and I'll return like, 2 months later? Because I'm starting an internship this Monday (more details coming soon) and that lasts 2 months. It suddenly got pushed forward so I'm taking a break from my current part-time job.

I'm working as a waitress in a restaurant right now! Have I said that? Haha can't remember. So yeah my body is aching from standing many, many hours plus carrying the heavy plates and lugging home two big cakes yesterday LOL. Why am I so weak I wonder... :( Anyway the job is rather fun, even though it's just a normal service crew kind of job. But the people there are very nice! I'm very glad that there are many part-timers who are also students like me. One is also waiting for A Level results, and there are 4 or 5 waiting for O Level results! Yes that many! So it's easy to get along with them, and also the full-time staff who are rather nice. (: I'm very thankful that this job is also flexible in that I can choose my working hours! And my manager is very kind to let me go for a two-month break too heh.

Right now I'm sitting (ok duh) and typing this and I don't think I wanna get up HAHA. I'm so looking forward to a good night's sleep and a day off tomorrow to spend time with my family! ^^