Reflections on 2013

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! (: Can you believe it? We have come to the last day of 2013 already! I know I still find this very unbelievable. This year seriously, really passed so fast! I still remember myself getting all excited for CNY earlier in the year, and now... poom! The new year is coming yet again!

But one thing I like about the end of the year/new year is that it's a time for you to reflect on the past year! (: Haha, I actually like doing such reflections, I think it's very good for the soul. (:

Hmm how would I describe my 2013? Stressful. Challenging. Fulfilling. Yeah I guess these three words really sum up my year. The highlight of 2013 would definitely be A Levels. I mean 'highlight' as in the most significant thing that happened luh. Haha. I wrote a diary entry about A Levels two weeks ago, and I was rather touched by what I wrote! Hahaha. Like it really wasn't easy, so the first two words fit here. I was practically so 'mad about studying' that I'd feel guilty going out for a meal that lasted more than an hour! I know, it's crazy right. Haha but really, I always had that feeling that I'm running out of time, and there's still so much to study, revise and memorise! That was definitely stressful.

Challenging would mean more like striking a balance between work and play, as well as suppressing all the negative thoughts in my mind. All along I'd describe myself as an optimistic girl, but sometimes we all feel sad and discouraged right? So it was hard to constantly pick yourself up after every setback, failure. It's that mental fatigue, you know? Like thinking I keep failing, nothing's going right, why should I keep trying? Yeah, battling those kind of thoughts leave me very emotionally drained.

But all in all, it's been a very fulfilling year because I feel like I've grown a lot stronger through all these trials and tribulations. It sounds very big and exaggerated I know, but little things that happen in my life teach me something. Now that I look back, I think I really deserve a pat on my back for my perseverance and hard work. I'm not gonna think about the results now, but I think I've done well in terms of the prep and all that. I mean like, up till now I still can't quite believe that I've tide through A Levels. Haha. It seems very surreal that everything's over and that I'm fine and alive and happy.

Now on to acknowledgements and words of gratitudes! I really wouldn't have made it past this year without my family. Things weren't smooth all the time and I know I've created some unhappiness here and there but they've stood by me and given me moral support even though they may not know it. I know what I said to them previously contradicts a little to what I'm typing now, but still, I'm glad to have my family with me. Even though I said earlier that I'd feel guilty going for too long a break during meal times but I always look forward to eating with my family, even if it's just a simple home cooked meal. Things like these, I'm very grateful for.

Of course, my friends who've been also very supportive. We're all going through the same things together, so it's very heartwarming that sometimes we pause and take time to care for one another and help each other get past our depressed states. The countless number of encouragements and words of 'jiayou' we said to each other, the quick meet ups over lunch/dinner where we complain and whine about the hard times we're going through, and the similar feelings of fear, nervousness and panic we feel during the exams... It's really nice to know that we're all in this together. And this feeling of togetherness as a batch really became very strong during our prom, when somehow the mood and atmosphere was there, it's like some celebration that we've all did it, and it's time to play and get back our life!

2013 has come and is about to go, and I'm thankful for all my experiences, no matter big or small. My wishes for the new year? I think I'll say that in my next post. May 2014 be a great year, see you next year! (: