Prom prepprepprep!

Prom preparation this year feels so much more stressful and tiring. Been walking and walking for 5 consecutive days till my legs and feet hurtttt. Some days are productive where I find stuff that I need/want, but others I just feel like I'm walking in circles (and sometimes going back to the same places)!

I've bought my dress already, now left the shoes and the minor accessories here and there. Sighpie all these take up so much time and money! Well I usually love shopping even if it's just window shopping, but this time round I really feel the pinch man. Haha entrance fee already close to a hundred, plus dress and shoes and accessories and hair/make up it's definitely exceeding $200 already. :( Ok lah I know even though I may whine here but actually I don't mind doing this because it's kinda a highlight in your college days haha. (:

Mannnn but it's the time that I'm more concerned about. Somebody still has SAT this Saturday hurhur. :( I feel guilty when I go out because sometimes it can take the whole day and when I get home I'm too tired to face the books. :( And my previous score is super low so I really must make sure I get things right the second time round! Otherwise... Ok let's not go there haha.

Ending off with my first picture of this blog! Miss the great times in US last December. :')