Merry Christmas!

Hohoho, Merry Christmas everyone! Haha do I sound like Santa Claus? Ok anyway I'm taking a break from my holiday travelogue lol. A bit tiring to keep uploading the photos... xP

Sooo I shall just blog about today! Okay right and yesterday. I had a Christmas eve dinner at my auntie's house. We've been going for this almost every year for as long as I could remember! There'll be yummy food, we'll play some games (us cousins) and then there'll be the gift exchange! I've always love receiving those beautifully wrapped presents and carefully unwrapping them. I never - and I mean never - tear them wrapping papers apart cos I'm such a perfectionist HAHA. I like everything to be neat and nice and that goes the same for the wrapping papers that I'm going to throw away five minutes later haha.
But for the past two years, my family was abroad for holiday during the Christmas period, so we missed the dinners then. I remember 2011 was the first time I spend Christmas away from home (in Melbourne), and it felt both interesting and sad at the same time. Interesting in the way that you get to see how other countries/cities celebrate this joyous occasion, like whatever community or large-scale events they have etc. But sad because you're away from your loved ones (extended family etc) and a place of familiarity. Then last year I felt more happy than sad. Haha there's just this very special feeling of spending Christmas in a foreign country, especially when you're on holiday in a Western country that places a lot of emphasis on Christmas. (:

Right so yesterday we got invited to the dinner again! Hehe my siblings and I were excited~ Even though there's nothing big or special happening - we just eat and talk and watch TV and play some card games - I just like the feeling of getting together with your family members and spending quality time together! (:

Today the morning started off fine. Oh before lunch I baked! For my goodie ol' friends coming over tomorrow yay. Haha I wanted to do Oreo cupcakes stuffed with cream cheese but then it turned out more like muffins. No wait, I think it's too hard to be called a muffin oops! But anyway it still turned out quite nice haha. Good job me, I'm improving! I'm gonna bake more tomorrow morning since this batch that I baked today only yielded 7 lol...

Then in the afternoon I went for a job interview! I'm looking for a part-time job to fill in those spare time I have. I was nervous for it leh! >< Haha, I have the tendency to become a lil more panicky than I should whenever I go for interviews... But thank goodness I survived the interview! Ok actually survived is not the word. I did better than expected for it HAHA. And I got the job! :D Wheehee yay. Now I need not worry so much about my expenses LOL. I mean, really, now every time I step out of the house my wallet becomes lighter. -.-

After my interview my whole family went out for a swim! It's been ages since I've been there, and what more the whole family swimming! It was a good sweat, and the best thing is that the pool was very empty! It's so rare that you don't have to feel cramped or 'fight for space' to swim heh.

Ended off with a simple but sumptuous meal of Yong Tau Foo. (: I love eating that (in Ampang style) and going there to eat especially after exercising at the country club. (:

This sums up my Christmas and I think I'm very pleased and happy with how the day turned out. To me, this is how Christmas should be like - a day to spend quality time with your loved ones, and doing the things you like. Even though I don't celebrate Christmas the religious way, I've started to see it as a joyous occasion too, because of the festive mood and the joy of sharing love to the people around you. (:

I hope my friends and family have had a good Christmas too! Alright it's 0000 already, Merry Christmas once again to all! (: