Food Review: Penny University

Last week I headed to the east for a solo cafe trip! Haha this is kinda the first time I'm going alone, but I was quite excited to experience it. I always read about people going to cafes to do work on their laptops, read a book or just chill with their cuppa. But I'm definitely not the last one since I don't drink coffee/tea haha.

Penny University opened to much fanfare last year since it was one of the first cafes to open in the east. *Cues cheers from Easties* Located on East Coast Road, it definitely isn't the most convenient of places to go to. I had quite an exasperating time getting there because I didn't know which bus stop to alight so that I'll have the shortest walking distance. Haha. This time was the exception because I told myself to let my instincts guide me. But boy, I should have stuck to my usual habits of checking the bus directory because I ended up walking the longer way under the hot sun. And it was 12 plus close to 1 then. -.- Beads of perspiration man.

HAHA ok too much info on the not so important stuff.

I reached slightly past 1 and the lunch crowd was still there despite it being a weekday. But there were random seats around and I settled in at the back.

Haha, I took the above picture from the reflection of the mirror beside my table. It shows quite nicely the size of the cafe, which isn't that big.

Their cakes and dessert display. Some of you can recognise that they bring in Windowsill Pies. Yeap they do, but besides that, they also recently launched their in-house bakes (which I didn't try).

And here's the menu!

They also recently introduced new sandwiches about 2-3 weeks ago. Was deciding between the Truffle Mushroom sandwich, Turkey Ham and Cheese Croissant and the Vanilla-infused Greek Yogurt with Granola. Even though people usually get their Eggs Benedict, as mentioned before I'm not a fan of Eggs Ben so I skipped that. (P/S: I noticed that the price of their Eggs Ben and Croque Monsieur has increased by $2 hmm...)

Their system is quite like typical cafes. You order at the counter but they'll serve you your food. Saw this sign at their tips cup, quite a cute pun lol.

Vanilla-infused Greek Yogurt with Granola ($6)

And tada! I ordered the Vanilla-infused Greek Yogurt with Granola in the end! Haha. That day I was craving very badly for French Toast with Berries Compote. I would say this is the closest Penny has that I was craving for. Fruits + yogurt to act as the berries compote, while the granola acts as the bread/carbo HAHA.

Verdict? A bowl full of goodness and nutrition! So yummy I love it! Firstly the granola was crunchy, filled with oats, sunflower seeds, almonds etc. Secondly, the fruits were really sweet and omg the strawberries! Could tell they were Driscolls strawberries cos they were bigger than the Korean ones. Haha. But anyway they're generous with the fruits and thumbs up for that! It's hard to come across a cafe that's like this so I really hope the next time I eat this it'll still be the same portion. (: Thirdly the Greek yogurt was good too! Had a very slight sourish taste that's distinctive of Greek yogurt but it compliments the fruits!

Filling, yummy and nutritious. Ahhh I wish I can eat this every day heh. Actually it's not hard, I just have to stock up on my Post cereals and Greek yogurt and I'm good to go! Haha but nah, don't think I'll eat this for breakfast on a daily basis. I'll still crave for bread. xD

Because the granola filled me up I decided not to order anything else. So the next time I'm here I'll try one of the two choices mentioned earlier. Haha ohh I really love exploring new places for good food~ ^^

Penny University
402 East Coast Road
Singapore 428997
Tues - Thurs 0830 - 1800
Fri - Sat 0830 - 0000
Sun 0830 - 1800
Closed on Mondays