Food Review: Burger Joint Singapore

Burger Joint has its roots in New York City, where it is dubbed the 'best burger' in NYC. Having arrived on the shores of Singapore just a month ago, I decided to try it out.

Just like its NYC joint, the one here also has a relatively hidden entrance, albeit like a back-door. Although the address is Amoy Street, enter by the door at Gemmills Lane. 

Once you enter the black door you'll see this red curtain. Turn right and go beyond the curtains and you'll be greeted by the sight below.

They also have a bar with many many spirits and liquor, plus 18 types of craft beers. Burger and drinks for you?

Seating area
We purposely came after lunch hour on a weekday i.e. 2.30pm, and we were so glad to find the place empty! When we spoke to the staff they said usually by 2pm the crowd would have dispersed. So that's a tip for you!

Unlike many burger restaurants, Burger Joint prides itself with a simple, no-frills menu, that's exactly the same as what you can get from New York. They have clearly detailed the steps to order your burger.

Front: Strawberry Milkshake
Back: Baileys Milkshake
($11 each)
The milkshakes, said to be famous in NYC, were too sweet for me, unfortunately. Plus it didn't taste special, pretty normal with an overdose of sugar.

Cheeseburger ($13.80)
I ordered a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes and ketchup sauce.

I'm not a burger person, but these burgers were really good! I chose my beef patty to be cooked to medium, and I like that it was fresh, tender and juicy! The burger is done the quintessential American way, with the fresh lettuce and melty cheese imported from Nebraska. Plus the buns, which are freshly made in Singapore, are so light and fluffy! Usually I'd think that the burger buns are just wasted calories, but these ones are worth your carbo intake!

Double Bacon Cheeseburger ($27.40)

My dining partner ordered this and boy, was it tall and fat and packed to the brim! The beef is cooked medium rare, and it was good too, very juicy! The strips of bacon tasted sweet and salty to me somehow? But I'm pretty sure they weren't candied bacon haha. Plus the melted cheese totally sealed the deal!

We tried their brownies as well, but I found it extremely sweet! However, it was fudge and chocolatey and the texture was on point!

Markers are provided for you to doodle on their wall! Check out my imprint hehe.
Overall, this is a place I'd recommend for simple, good ol' American burgers, especially if you're tired of all the fanciful flavours and variations (think salted egg yolk etc etc). Right here, it's something like fast-food style, but freshness and quality is guaranteed.

Burger Joint Singapore
115 Amoy Street
(Enter at back on Gemmills Lane)
Singapore 069935
Mon - Wed 1100 - 2300
Thursday - Sat 1100 - 2400
Sun 1100 - 1700


  1. I went to this place in first time with my husband on Tuesday night after work. The inside of these venues in San Francisco was quit big and had enough seats to sit and nice bar area. We had a few things, along with drinks and it was all good!