Food Review: Kokomama Marketplace

Kokomama is a casual eatery on the first floor of SOTA, right at the corridor facing Prinsep Street, along the same row as The Daily Scoop and I'm KIM Korean BBQ. My friends and I were attracted by the affordable prices and the food looked good too.

Volcano Chicken Rice Bowl ($7.90)
Their rice bowl series allow you to choose a side serving of sauce - chilli crab, mushroom or curry. My friend chose the first one. She said the chicken was quite tender and the sauce was nice. But it wasn't a very outstanding dish. Ordinary, I guess?

Tuna Mayo Panini ($7.90)
My friend said this was comparable to Subway. Hahaha. #nuffsaid

Ham and Mushroom Baked Rice ($9.90, student price $7.90)
I love baked rice because of the cheese, so I went with this option. Under the student meal, you get it at a discounted price plus a drink, of which I chose ice lemon tea. The rice was flavourful and there were sufficient portions of ingredients given! It was also cheesy enough for me so I enjoyed my meal.

This place really stands out on its affordable food. Taste wise some were good, some ordinary. But you've got to give it to them for wanting to serve a wide variety of food. They have baked rice, curry rice, Japanese rice bowls, ramen, pasta, sandwiches, Bingsu and even homemade artisan breads! Perhaps they may be too ambitious and end up not doing their food well, but I've heard good reviews of their Bingsus and bread too! Coupled with an accessible location, this eatery/cafe is worth going to.

Kokomama Marketplace
School of the Arts
1 Zubir Said Drive
Singapore 227968
Mon - Thurs 1100 - 2230
Fri - Sat 1100 - 2300
Sun 1100 - 2130