Summer Summary

HELLO EVERYONE! I'm back from my two months hiatus! But please let me say that it's completely unintentional. I keep telling myself to update update update but cannot lah, there were many more urgent things to do.

So... The summer holidays have ended! Those three months of break were so awesome and much-needed, I'm so glad for it! Had the chance to dabble in many things, from work to school camps to overseas trips, so it's definitely been a well-spent summer! Even though sometimes I feel like I piled myself up with too many things, I guess as long as you enjoy what you're doing it's fine. (:

And now, pictures!

Hong Kong 2015


Geography Freshmen Immersion Camp (FIC) 2015

RC4 Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) 2015

Shape Run 2015

My 20th birthday (:

GeogSoc Appreciation Tea

GeogSoc 49th Management Committee Appreciation Dinner (:

RC4 Seafood Dinner @ JB!

Farewell meal for Tiong Ann :'(

National Day! <3

--- School reopens! ---

RC4 Fledgling Week 2015

RC4 Formal Dinner 2015 (just yesterday haha)

This pretty much sums up my summer hols (plus the first two weeks of school)! School has now started, a new academic year, whole new modules, whole new involvement in school... I'm gonna be so overwhelmed this semester but I will forge on!!