Food Review: The Fabulous Baker Boy

YES I finally paid The Fabulous Baker Boy a visit after seeing pictures of their lovely rows of cakes online!

They are located at the foot of Fort Canning Park, directly opposite Liang Court. Cross the road from Liang Court and walk in from the carpark entrance as seen in the picture above.

And then you'll see this stand-alone building which is your destination!

They've been around for a few years already, but about a year ago, they installed aircons and made the whole cafe indoors instead of having only alfresco dining. A very good move, I'd say, because it's perpetually HOT here!

When I entered the cafe my eyes were searching for this. Yes I wanted to take a look for myself the number of cakes they have! And boy, are they really serious about their cakes! That's 11 different kinds of cakes right there!

ANDDD 5 more inside the fridge just beside the cake rows! Gosh that's like, at least 16 different variants of cake! :O

Pardon me for the spam of cake photos. As you can see I went head over heels with the cakes and their display. They all look so pretty!

Pancakes with Cheese ($12++)
It was a weekend afternoon and I happened to be craving for some pancakes! They have a few types, with strawberries, with blueberries or with cheese. I thought the latter was the most unconventional so I decided to try it.

Wow, the fragrant smell of the pancakes wafted to my nose before it was presented right in front of me. Three big and fluffy pancakes and I beamed right at that sight!

Gee, I digged in expectantly and oooh it did not disappoint! The cheese was stuffed in the pancake batter and it was rich in flavour! But the downside is that it makes you feel full very fast. I stopped at 2 pancakes because of that + I just had to leave some stomach space for the cakes!! Oh and it got a little bit dry afte a while so some maple syrup would come in handy.

Beef BBQ Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($13++)
Triple cheese grilled sandwich filled with smokey BBQ beef brisket

Never underestimate sandwiches. This is a fine example of a sandwich done right! The beef was not too tough, plus the cheese was just ooey gooey and yum! And there, the toast, was nice and crispy! What an all rounder. Well if I had to pinpoint, it would be that they gave a bit too much toast because there were carbs leftover heh.

Now that the main course is settled, how about the highly-awaited desserts? Yumm both my dining partner and I have been eyeing the cakes since we stepped in haha! And we knew then that it was gonna be an uphill task choosing which to try.

Strawberry Shortcake ($8.50++)
This was a weekend special so we thought we should order it. Initially I was scared off by the thick layer of cream. But when I sliced my fork through the (very tall) cake, I realise it's actually cream cheese, which was delightfully light! The sinful-ness meter just went down a few notches hah. Frosting aside, the sponge cake was also light and just the right sweetness, and went hand-in-hand with the strawberry cream. Both of us like this cake!

Blueberry Lemon Cake ($8.50++)
Blueberry is my favourite food so I was kinda attracted to this cake. Plus the light blue frosting was so pleasing to the eyes! I know it's just food colouring but I thought the flavour is relatively uncommon so I suggested trying this.

Hmm I thought this cake tasted a bit oiler and sweeter than the first cake. Well ok yeah because of that it was also more moist. But we still prefer the first cake.

You know, if we had more than one stomach each and we didn't have to bother about expenses, we'd have ordered much more cakes! I'm a dessert person so I love cakes and I want to go back to try more flavours!

Overall, the food is of good quality. I really want to return to try more of their cakes! The ambience became better ever since they converted an alresco-dining style to all indoors in the comfort of airon haha!

The Fabulous Baker Boy
The Foothills
70 River Valley Road
Tues to Thurs 1100 - 2200
Fri - Sat 1100 - 2300
Sun 1000 - 1700
Closed on Mondays