Food Review: The Daily Press

The Daily Press is yet another cafe in the Toa Payoh-Braddell area, a seemingly ordinary housing estate getting hipper with the opening of more third wave cafes. This cafe is just one or two blocks away from the ever-so-popular Creamier ice cream parlour, specialising in sandwiches and coffee.

They have limited bakes like your usual cakes, but not sure if it's because I went at night and hence the lack of variety.

I was there on a Saturday night and while there was only a table occupied, there was some refurbishing works going on at the back so that kinda left me with front seats to take.

ABC Sandwich ($11)

Apple, bacon and cheddar on multigrain toast. Unfortunately they ran out of multigrain toast already so I had to settle with ciabatta. I was disappointed because I like multigrain better than ciabatta, but oh well since I was there already,

A combination that sounds weird initially, this worked out quite well! While the green apple slices weren't thaaat sour, the sweetness coming from the candied bacon balanced it out. Bacon was oily as usual, sigh sometimes I wish bacons can be less oily. :/ Haha. Oh and the cheese. It'll always make a dish better! I was a little worried that the ciabatta would be a bit tough to cut, but fortunately it wasn't. But I was hoping for a bit more generous portions of apples though.

In general this sandwich was good, but I think for the price it could have been better. Prices here are a bit on the high side for sandwiches, considering that the cheapest one of mushrooms and mozarella are already $10. I got this deal on the Sugar app hence it's heavily discounted, so that's alright for me. But if I want to return, I may want to think twice, especially when there are so many places selling sandwiches.

However, I do have to give credit to them for having creativity in the types of sandwiches. Other unconventional ones they have are the Babi Pongteh and KFC sandwich. Thus I feel this place is worth a try, but whether it warrants a repeat visit is subjective.

The Daily Press
Block 126 Toa Payoh Lorong 1
Singapore 310126
Tues - Sun 1030 - 2130
Closed on Mondays
6258 0167