Travelogue: Myanmar - Day Four


Our third breakfast here is what I believe is mohinga! I'm not too sure about this because from what I read, mohinga is a fish noodle dish in curry. But I also know that the hostel serves mohinga for breakfast sometimes hence my um smart guess?

I played it safe and decided not to dump the whole bowl of curry onto my noodles hah. But the noodles were really nice with the curry! I drizzled some over and it wasn't too overwhelming and gave the noodles the right texture.

Today we went out of Yangon and to a smaller town, Thanlyin, which is nearby. First on our list was this old, abandoned Portugese church. (I forgot the name oops.) It looked so similar to A Farmosa in Malacca!

I love how this place is like, ruined, yet conserved and not to the extent that it's too... fake? Yeah and it's sooo appropriate for an #ootd slash insta-worthy pic! LOL.

Next we went to a local market! And by local, I really mean local. No touristy gimmicks of the sort that you see in Thailand's 'local markets'.

It was sooo real and representative of a simple Burmese's life! The market had many stalls selling the same things, either fruits, meat, clothes or hardware tools. I wonder how they survive the competition...

This was the first public toilet that we had to pay to enter. Quite incredible given that it's already our fourth day!

Quite surprisingly, here in Thanlyin I see many more motorcycles than in Yangon! Back in the former capital city you don't see any at all!

Then we visited another two pagodas!

The second pagoda was more unique, because it's located on an island of its own! Hence we had to take a less-than-a-minute boat ride across the river to the pagoda.

Haha, I find the pagoda so cute, occupying the island there.

My first encounter of a pagoda that has black colours...

"Oh look, there are mangroves!"

Truly a Geographer through and through! xD

We had some more time to spare in the afternoon so we went to see some elephants!

There are three elephants kept here, because the local culture believes that they are sacred animals. It's not a zoo here, but a habitat for the elephants. They're tied to a pole here, very sad I know, but perhaps the only small consolation is that they're taken out for a walk twice a day.

And we caught one elephant peeing and pooping hahaha!

Then we went to see the largest Jade Buddha in Myanmar!

Painted above the staircases are images of the transportation process of this huge statue, which took place sometime in the late 20th century.

Suddenly we were approached by two young ladies, who requested to take a photo with us! Haha look how they seem to be grabbing my two friends above! xD

Wow, they even developed the photo and somehow had it laminated on the spot! :O

Dinner time~ Our last dinner here is in Happy Restaurant and Cafe! Hahaha what a name. They first served us the above: fat, fried lard! I was kinda apalled to see it so huge in front of me... :O

Their placemats - so fitting of their name hah.

A bowl of Stewed Ribs noodles to warm my tummy and open up my appetite~