School's out, summer's in!

Guess who has finally finished her final exam! *throws confetti* *woohoo* Yup so that explains my relative absence in this space the past few weeks.

Semester 2 has come and gone, which means my freshman year has also come to an end! Can't believe time passes so fast, I know it's such an over-used statement but yeah! I'm no longer a freshman now...

So Sem 2 has been such a busy semester, even busier than the first sem! I guess what the seniors said were right, that the second sem is usually more packed. RC4, Geog Soc, and of course not to mention a heavier academic workload! Well I mean tougher modules, not in terms of the number.

But above all, I'm just very glad to have gone through all that I did this semester. It was a journey of ups and downs as usual, but I'm thankful that things have somehow fallen into place. Also very blessed to have such great support systems - my family and friends! So glad that whenever I'm feeling down I can turn to people who'll make me feel better. (: (:

In the mean time...