Food Review: November 8 Coffee & Company

November 8 Coffee & Company is located in a mixed development private apartment Thomson V Two, and is kinda hidden from the outside. But there are signs to lead you inside so hopefully you won't get lost!

You may be wondering what the significance of 'November 8' is. Well that's the date that they were scheduled to officially open, but there were some delays so that didn't happen. Oh dear haha.

They have quite a big space in their cafe grounds which is suitable for large groups. The above photo shows a section of their cafe where it's so cosy and conducive to have long conversations or just while your time away with a good book~

Sarah, Ashley and I met there for lunch on a weekday and it wasn't that crowded (thankfully, since we were discussing stuff there).

Waffle Breakfast ($15.50)

Their 'signature waffles' is paired with gourmet pork sausages, bacon and scrambled eggs. This portion was quite hearty especially with already 3/4 of whole waffle. But I guess it's justifiable for the price. The scrambled eggs were creamy enough. Not sure how A felt about the sausages, but anyway I'll talk more about the waffle later.

Potato Rosti ($16.50)

I've heard quite a bit about their rosti here and my friend coincidentally wanted it. Freshly shredded potato, pan-seared, and served with scrambled eggs, gourmet pork sausage and bacon. We concluded that the dish was too oily in general. But it did taste good!

Strawberry Waffle (11.50)

I've also heard quite a lot about their waffles, with some even comparing it to Waffle Slayer etc. True enough, when I ate this, I was impressed! The waffles were light and crispy on the outside, just the way I like it! It also didn't leave me feeling gelat so that's a good thing! Only thing is that the choice of strawberries and ice cream seems too common nowadays. Haha, perhaps the cafe can think of other ways for presentation? Unless they just keep things simple, which is fine too. (:

Overall, November 8 is an okay place to go, but with some hits and misses. They have free Wifi which I think is very appealing to students like me. The ambience is quite relaxing, (provided that there are very few people there) but prices don't seem too wallet-friendly. Anyway, food was alright, but I'd like to give a shoutout specially to the waffles! The waffles here are really comparable to Strangers' Reunion/Waffle Slayer because it's crispy on the outside. Hope you'll share the same sentiments as me!

November 8 Coffee & Company
11 Sing Ming Road #01-30
Thomson V Two
Singapore 575629
Sun - Thurs 1200 - 1330
Fri - Sat 1200 - 1200