Food Review: On The Table

On The Table has been gaining popularity over the past few months, with its delicious food, reasonable pricing and spacious layout. Located outside Pasir Panjang MRT, the cafe's accessibility is another plus point too. They are actually the sister cafe of Lola's Cafe in Kovan, also very popular for brunch.

The design of this place is rather industrial chic, with concrete walls and floorings, hanging light bulbs, wooden crates as decor - all these contrasting with the bright yellow chairs.

I arrived early that day so I had time to take pictures with no other customer around heh. As you can see, they have quite a lot of tables and seats, and even one or two to cater for large groups. It's a stark contrast from their sister cafe, where queues are almost perpetual given its narrow 30-seater space.

Some desserts and tea cakes.

Their menu features some same dishes as Lola's, such as the Truffle Fries, Crispy Honey Wings, The Ultimate Croissant and The Big One. Personally I prefer if they cut down on the number of repeated dishes. Yes they are like the chef's recommendations but perhaps offer more new dishes to differentiate itself from Lola's? And since it's a different location all the more they should do that too, otherwise why would I bother going all the way down to Pasir Panjang when I can go to Kovan that's relatively less ulu.

The Big One ($18)

Okay moving on to the food! Naomi got The Big One ($18), which consists of pork sausage, honey glazed ham, ham, baked portobello, mixed salad and a choice of sunny side up or scrambled eggs.

Everything was tasty, but nothing was really outstanding, according to N. But having said that, this was quite a big portion so it's kinda worth the money.

Salmon and Mushroom Truffle Cream Linguine ($16)

Miao Xiang ordered this which was something I almost wanted to get too haha. With smoked salmon, swiss mushroom, truffle-infused cream and Parmesan cheese, this linguine dish was really good! It had just the right amount of cream, not too much to make you feel jelat. Looks like they could have been a bit more generous with the salmon but overall the mushrooms and salmon and cream went very well together! Best to eat it when it's hot, and not let the pasta sit in the cream for too long.

Mushroom Monsieur ($10)

Being the mushroom and cheese lover, I just couldn't help it but order this dish! I tried it before at Lola's (yes it's another same dish) and I fell in love with it instantly! Haha it's a very simple one of brioche bread, mozarella cheese, bechamel sauce mushroom and salad, but dang, the mushrooms were sauted nicely and layered over with a generous amount of melted cheese!

Check out the melted cheese and the mushrooms ahhh yummmm~ #foodporn Hahaha. Oh and the brioche bread was light, fluffy and not too buttery - another thumbs up there!
On my most recent visit, I noticed they changed this to 'Mushroom and Cheese Sandwich' instead. It's presented differently but the ingredients are still the same.

I went back another time with Xin Rong to try their waffles and ice cream and also to redeem it on the Sugar app! :D

Cookies and Cream ice cream with waffles ($8)

Pistachio ice cream with waffles ($8)

No prizes for guessing which flavour I got haha. The waffles were quite thin, not the fluffy kind but it was a bit crispy, which was quite nice too. The cookies and cream ice cream was normal, while the pistachio brought out the flavour well. I hear the Bailey's Brownies flavour is a common choice?

And finally, on my third visit, I went back to redeem on the Sugar app once again the ice cream and waffles! This time, I tried Pistachio flavour. Different presentation but same tastiness and yumminess! :D

The reasons why I've patronised On The Table cafe three times are clear - good food, affordable prices and ample seating, like what I've mentioned earlier. And it's kinda close to school too so it makes for a good, short getaway haha. Ambience wise was so-so. It looks rather pretty and serene in the photos but when I was there during the lunch hour on weekdays, the cafe was in full-house! Hence there was quite a lot of noise and the walls kind of amplified it. Service was good, they were patient and one waitress asked me about the ice cream and waffles. This is a good place to hang out with your friends or even family, for the food is bound to satisfy your tummies. (:

On The Table
118 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118541
Tues - Fri 1100 - 2200
Sat - Sun 1000 - 2200
Closed on Mondays
9780 8094