End of semester stock taking!

Okayz here comes the more sombre part of post-Y1S1. I really wanna note this down because it's quite a milestone for me haha.

Started off this sem with mixed feelings, but still generally excited for all that's to come. I would say my experience so far has really been shaped by the people around me. I'm so thankful to have met many people and very good friends in uni, and they're the ones that make campus life so interesting and enjoyable for me! (:

I'm really happy that I chose this major. In fact, my heart was so set on Geog since JC (or even sec school?) and I'm so thankful that I'm enjoying my learning here. Going for Geog FIC was a very wise choice, because I made good friends who make me feel belonged in this Geog community! The Geog family is amazing, we're all so friendly and helpful towards one another! :') Team Wildfire all the way whoosh!

Being in Geog Soc has also been fun and fulfilling. Majors' Welfare has organised one outing so far to River Safari, and that was a success! Looking forward to many more such outings~ I've also been given the chance to be involved in other Geog Soc/Geog activities and events and that gives me a greater sense of pride being a Geog major! :D

The greatest blessing that happened to me is being part of RC4. Really, to be part of the pilot batch (like really the very first people) is such an honour! No doubt there are many challenges that we face in building up the college, but I believe it'll be worth all our efforts. Can you imagine when I look back one day and see how the college is like? I hope I can feel that sense of achievement and pride, knowing that I played a part in making the college what it's gonna be in the future!

We've organised many activities for ourselves so far, with our signature Anything Can Happen Wednesday (ACHW)! Haha, it's quite funny how we came up with that, but it turned out really good! Really treasure these opportunities for bonding and getting to know one another. We're all very different people but we're learning to work well and live with each other. And I like that through my interactions with them, I've learnt new things and various perspectives that people have on various issues. Sometimes I'm really wowed by them! It's true when they say that in uni, you meet different kinds of people with different personalities and different thought perspectives. Love our occasional spontaneous intellectual conversations haha!

Last but not the least... I'm extremely thankful to have formed a close group of friends in RC4! You know who you are haha. It's damn awesome to have a core group of friends you can always turn to. Funny how it's only been less than 4 months and we already feel like we know each other so well! Living on campus has really changed a lot of things. You see each other every day, do things together, hang out together, study together... Oh my, I can't imagine not knowing you guys and just living on my own... Haha ok not so bad luh, but yeah you get the gist. Even now when I'm not seeing you guys for one day, I already feel a bit weird LOL. Hehe, lots of love for you guys, I'm so excited for our holiday plans! :D

I can't emphasise enough how happy and glad I am for my first sem in uni. Yeah of course there are tough times (shitty grades, stress from studying, rush to complete assignments etc etc), but the highs definitely outshine the lows. (: Here's to hoping my future semesters in uni to be as fun-filled or even more fulfilling!