Food Review: Food For Thought

Food For Thought is a cafe/casual restaurant that is quite like a social enterprise. They do things for good causes like making 'poverty history', giving 'clean water' and ensuring that children have food to eat. This is no surprise, given that they are under the group The Thought Collective which runs the tuition centre School of Thought and the thought-provoking magazine Broader Perspectives.

They have 3 outlets: Botanic Gardens, National Museum Singapore and Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q. This is the National Museum one. They have much more 'outdoor' seats than indoor ones, and I like the ambience because it feels spacious and open and relaxing! (:

Croque Madame Ma-Ling ($15+)

Beatrice ordered the above Croque Madame Ma-Ling ($15+) which is essentially a Croque Madame but with the addition of luncheon meat. The description: grilled luncheon ham steaks and spicy pepper salsa on butter brioche with gratin cheese topping, topped with two fried eggs.

B said this was quite filling because just look at the thick brioche slices! The luncheon meat was a bit salty, but as with most luncheon meat, I guess it can't be helped.

Pancakes with walnuts and fresh berries ($14+)

Ma pancakessssss :D Served with Gula Melaka syrup and fresh vanilla cream. I actually swopped the toppings around and requested if I could have walnuts together with the fresh berries. And I'm glad that they could do this for me! (: Because I don't like dark chocolate nor bananas haha. xP

The pancakes were big! Very filling. And what surprised me was the fillings inside! All along I thought it was just plain pancakes but they actually mixed the walnuts and the berries in the batter! :O So the pancakes were stuffed with walnuts and berries too yay imagine how excited I was! :D  On a side note the walnuts made the pancakes a bit dry towards the end. But I still enjoyed the pancakes. :D

Good food, good ambience, average service, albeit steep prices. There's service charge here too. Hopefully I'm paying more because they channel some funds for good causes haha.

Food For Thought
National Museum Singapore
93 Stamford Road #01-04/05
Singapore 178897
Mon - Sat 1000 - 2200
Sun 1000 - 2100
6338 9887