Mid-semester stock taking!

HELLO ONE AND ALL I'm back to (finally) update about my personal life haha. 6 weeks of uni have passed and it's recess week now! Don't know how I've already survived 6 weeks of uni haha, it just feels all too fast. But to sum up what I'm gonna say for the next few long paras, I'm definitely enjoying myself now!

1. RC4

We're so not gonna be called 'RC4' okay. We're gonna get a new name soon, and we've already submitted a few suggested ones to our prof a few weeks ago. Evidently there's a lot of waiting time here...

But anyway I've been having a lot of fun in RC4, and staying in CAPT. I'm spending a lot of time with my RC4 peeps, naturally, and they're such fun bunch of people luh haha. Being in the Programmes department allows me to plan a lot of activities for my RC and I think it's very fulfilling when the event/activity is a success!

{CAPT Formal Dinner}

We're not CAPTains but since we live in CAPT, we're also invited to their formal dinner. Picture heavy post kay haha.

The dinner was a 3-course one, starting with a salad, main course (some Chicken and Mushroom thingy) then dessert (Chocolate Mousse)! (:

{Mid-Autumn Festival}

This was one activity we organised - celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival! This is a personal favourite and I really love carrying lanterns and eating mooncakes haha. It was a chillax night sitting, talking, playing games, lighting our DIY water-bottle-lanterns and playing with sparklers! OH OH and we baked our own mooncakes too! Both traditional and snowskin! And mmm they tasted good! :D Felt really happy because it was my first time baking mooncakes and it didn't go too bad.

And since we were baking in the Baking Room, I decided to bake an Apple Crumble Pie too! Hehe felt so good to be baking again after so long!

{Salt and Pepper Revelation}

Basically Salt and Pepper is Angel and Mortal. So we played this for 2 weeks and this week we had our reveal! It was so funny to listen to everyone's stories about who they think their salt is haha. Don't think I'll post photos cos there aren't any super nice ones haha.

{Tiong Ann's 21st birthday celebration}

He must be feeling so honoured okay. Hahaha we did up his room so nicely (at least for me) with balloons and notes and did a mixtape for him!

Most epic photo hahaha I love it! Captured his true emotions right at that instant he opened the door!

All of us squeezed into his room haha (imagine hoe stuffy it is oh goodness) and gave him a surprise when he opened his door! :D

The balloons had LED lights in them so it looked pretty in the dark!

Happy 21st Birthday Tiong Ann! Hope you like the surprise and the do up of your room hehe.

Group photo which I really love a lot! Look at how many people there are squeezing into one room hahaha.

{Cyclohunt '14}

This was just last night. I was so, so excited for this overnight cycling Amazing Race but guess what? IT RAINED. And the event got CANCELLED. Like arghhh #*&)%($ was so looking forward to cycling from station to station and completing the race! :((

Before the race when we were still clean and dry and so excited!!

This was during our second station at Punggol Waterway where Tiong Ann was one of the station masters! And also the station where we got the devastating news that the race is cancelled because other stations are affected by the heavy downpour. >( :'((

At that time it was not even midnight yet! Unwilling to let the night go to waste, we decided to go for supper hehe. Since the theme for Cyclohunt was supper places, we thought it'd be only apt if we went for supper for real haha. So Swee Choon here we come!

Love how the trains are so empty hahaha. I'm so glad we had our own fun despite the race cancellation, bonding over supper, exploring and marvelling at the sheer amount of stuff on sale at Mustafa etc etc. Couldn't be anymore thankful for you guys who turned my disappointment into gratitude and happiness! :D :D


{Elections Day}

I got into Geog Soc Management Committee! Basically it's like the Exco, and I'm the Majors' Welfare Executive. I'm so glad and thankful to be elected in; the competition was so tough! Really humbled by the trust and confidence that people have in me, it makes me even more motivated to give my best for Geog Soc!

{First MC meeting}

Then we had our first 49th MC meeting last Saturday! Started off with a formal photoshoot for administrative purposes haha. Check out our cool photos hehe. Credits to Stanley and Bao Long!

Majors' Welfare cell! :D

NUS Geographical Society 49th Management Committee

After that we shared with one another the various plans and events for the respective cells. I'm so excited for all that's to come! The year's gonna be packed with many activities but having said that, I hope I'll be able to cope heh. Anyway, I'm still looking forward to working with these people and hopefully make AY2014/2015 one of the best years for Geog Soc! :D

Wow this is such a longgg post and I still have more to share!!


{Sending my sis off}

Last Friday it was time for my sister to leave for her Student Exchange Programme to UK! Firstly I'm so jealous okay haha like she's going to UK!! Ahhh ok actually I've been there before luh but stillll because I enjoy it so much there that I wanna go back right? Haha oh well, my turn will come (hopefully).

Secondly I'm gonna miss her because now that she's no longer in Singapore it's gonna be hard to talk to her. Like literally talk. Less interaction time... :( But anyway I'm so glad she's only away for 4 months and not 4 years! Whoa, can't imagine how that'll be like... Plus I was in that position a few months ago deciding whether to accept the overseas offer or not. Sighpie.

Have lots of fun and take care alright! I'm currently (still) very jealous especially when you send pics back of all the attractions and stuff. *whines* Hahaha but it's good that you're enjoying yourself. ((:

OKAY I THINK I'M DONE. I'm pretty sure I didn't cover everything but these are just some events that I can remember for now. Too tedious to blog about every single thing haha.

From what I've experienced so far, uni life is really very interesting and vibrant. I guess partly cos I'm living on campus so it seems like there's always stuff happening and things to do. But then comes the part about managing your time. Yeah it's really very important, like what everyone says, to make sure you don't play too much and neglect your studies. Currently things are piling up, and I admit I'm behind time for my readings (gosh there's just sooo much), so I'm gonna take this upcoming recess week to catch up as much as I can.