Food Review: The Lokal

The Lokal is one of the most prominent cafes that opened to much fanfare in June. Partly because it's a second outlet by the popular Sarnies Cafe in the CBD, which is known for their quality food and coffee.

I went two weeks after they opened and boy, was it crowded! Shi Hui and I went on a Saturday around 12.30, and we were second in line waiting for seats. Thankfully there was a big communal table by the entrance that still had seats for two so we didn't wait long.

Yup we sat at this table with two other couples. Okay lah it's not say super big but you get what I mean haha.

This place is famous for their sandwiches like Roast Beef on Rye and their Veal Burger. Generally sandwiches done Aussie-style. But hmm prices look really ex for still-students like us so haha we didn't order their sandwiches...

And I think cos I had a late breakfast so I wasn't very hungry, hence my choice of the Mixed Berries Muffin ($4.50).

Mixed Berries Muffin ($4.50)

It looks a bit dry from the above photo but it wasn't that bad, just of the right level and I like that it wasn't too sweet! There was a reasonable amount of berries too.

Sticky Bun ($4)

Haha it's quite funny how SH also didn't feel like eating much so she got this, aka Cinnamon Bun. Can't really remember how this tasted oops! But she liked it so I guess it was good. (:

Sorry this post may not be very helpful in terms of the food recommendations! >< But I can comment on other things like ambience. Haha it seems like one of those hipster cafes again with the wood + tiles design. It seems like a nice place to chill and relax but when we were there, the crowd was a bit of a turn off so we didn't stay long. Perhaps it's a different situation now, that the crowds have thinned just slightly? Service was normal, neither exceptional nor bad.

Personally the thing that's stopping me from going back is the price of the food. Haha I know I've mentioned it above but for my purchasing power now, I doubt I'll spend $15 and above for a sandwich... But reviews I've read all complimented them, so I guess the standard is really there. (:

The Lokal
136 Neil Road
Singapore 088865
Mon - Fri 0800 - 1800
Sat - Sun 0900 - 1600
6423 9918