Food Review: Drips Bakery Cafe

I've been wanting to go to this cafe since foreverrrrr! Why? Simply because they specialise in my favourite dessert - tarts!

Yep, Drips Bakery Cafe specialises in tarts all rightie!

We arrived on a weekday shortly after it opened, so it was almost empty except for a table. It's rather spacious and cosy, nice place to chit chat.

I especially like this part of the cafe, at the back where there's the glass ceiling above to stream in natural light. Plus the sofas make the area very homely!

As you can see they don't have much food, say for a couple of sandwiches and other sweet treats.

And now, are you ready for their tarts display? :D

Look at their tartssss ahhhh!

That one slice for the pie on the right was taken by us hehehe.

Whoaaa everything looks so, so yummy I was really tempted to try everything! As you can see from above they have at least 9 different tarts!

In the end this was what we got!

Mixed Berries Tart ($8.80)

Macademia Nut Tart ($8)

Cinnamon Pear Tart ($8)

We had a Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream plus a Green Tea Latte as well. All the tarts were really, good. Sorry I have not much vocab for them but the crust was quite firm and wasn't too crumbly, while the fillings were so delicious. Berries were fresh, nuts were awesome as usual (plus it's macademia!) and the cinnamon pear was nice, though a little bit sweet to me. The chocolate brownie was quite normal, nothing fantastic.

Omg typing this out and seeing the pictures are making me want to eat them now! The tarts really live up to expectations (thankfully they did) and we polished them all in no time hahaha. Apart from the steep prices, everything was wonderful - the food, the ambience, I think the service was okay. Overall I highly recommend a try here, especially if you love tarts like me!

Drips Bakery Cafe
82 Tiong Poh Road
Singapore 160082
Sun - Thurs 1100 - 2130
Fri - Sat 1100 - 2300
6222 0400