Food Review: Burpz Cafe and Bakery

About a month ago, Beatrice and I went to this neighbourhood cafe at Ang Mo Kio for dinner. It's a relatively new cafe that opened in May.

It's a cosy little cafe with seats inside for around 20 and 12 pax outside. I was quite surprised that there were a few tables occupied when we arrived at 7. Shows that despite being a small neighbourhood cafe in a really heartland side of AMK, people still patronise them!

They have a unique ordering system, where you can scan the QR code on the table and place your orders and then pay electronically. However none of us are that digitally advanced HAHA so we just ordered the traditional way.

I had heard about their Korean Kimchi Pancakes and that's actually why I wanted to dine here. It sounds unique and no other cafe offers this, right? Unfortunately when presented with the menu, I see no such dish and was disappointed when I checked with the staff there. :(

So instead I ordered the Smoked Salmon Croissant ($10+) and changed the eggs to mushrooms! :D

Smoked Salmon Croissant ($10+)

I think this is my first time having this combination even though it's quite a common brunch food. Firstly I like their plates. Hahaha, it's completely flat and it feels very sleek. Secondly about the food, I love the smoked salmon! I'm a salmon lover so of course I'll say that haha. But the serving was rather generous which is good! Hate how some places give only a puny bit, tsk. The mushrooms are well sauted, and the croissant was flaky and buttery enough. My only gripe is that the croissant was a little small. But I guess it's justified for what you pay. Thirdly I like the presentation of the dish. (:

Beatrice got a Coffee French Toast with Ice Cream ($10+). I think it's too tiny to fill you up! :/ But once again they score on presentation. I like how they give a small jar of apricot jam, and that the ice cream is scooped into a separate bowl.

Coffee French Toast with Ice Cream ($10+)

The toast was well flavoured with coffee, so it should be fancied by coffee drinkers haha. As for me because I don't drink coffee, I wouldn't order this and I also think it's not that worth the money heh.

Their desserts counter had a few cakes that I like! There was Passionfruit Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake and some more, and even though they are clingwrapped in the counter display, when being served to you, it will be presented very nicely e.g. the cake at the bottom right. Initially I was quite puzzled as to why they don't present the cakes more pleasantly, until I saw the staff serving one of the customers and the cake seemed to have transformed haha.

This place has service charge but I don't understand why. We were made to go to the counter to place our orders and pay, and everything is self service! From the drinks (water) to the cutlery etc. Of course, the food is served to your table, but that's very basic and common right? And it's not like the staff were extremely professional or provided impeccable service to us. For instance, when I commented to one of the staff that I enjoyed my food and that it was tasty, his reply was, "Oh not me, it's the chef." Ok I was a little stunned by that reply. I mean, of course I know that credits go to the chef right? Lol, if you were professional enough you would have said thank you or something else more... pleasant. -.-

Ok I'm not complaining but just sharing this little encounter... It's a good place to chill in the afternoon when I think it'll be very quiet, but I doubt I'll go back since the food selection is a bit limited and rather common. Furthermore with sooo many cafes in Singapore and many more sprouting up every month, this cafe doesn't stand out from the crowd enough to woo me back.

Burpz Cafe and Bakery
Block 603 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
Singapore 560603
Tues - Wed 1500 - 2130
Thurs - Fri 1130 - 2130
Sat - Sun 0930 - 2130
Closed on Mondays