The need to earn more $$$

Suddenly I feel like my life is very boring. Haha, it's mainly work + weekly dancing and baking + family time. I feel like I need to work to earn money because I'm spending (or going to spend) a lot of money! :( Well, because of the two reasons:

1. I just got a new phone! :D
My contract is expiring in a week's time so on Monday I renewed it and got myself the new Samsung Galaxy S5! I was choosing between iPhone 5 and this and I admit I didn't do much research about the two. Well I guess with so many friends having iPhone 5 I can kinda tell its pros and cons. It's good in the sense that it has more apps (I think) that are on the Apple store and only exclusive to iPhones. And easier to find nice phone covers hahaha. But I don't really like the iOS system because of the contacts or memory or stuff like that, I feel it's like the exception that out of the other Android systems that makes it very troublesome to import/export stuff. Haha hope you get what I mean.

I eventually chose S5 because I like its camera! I was first attracted to it when I read its review on DigitaLife about this particular camera function called Selective Focus. When you turn on that mode, you can change the focus of the picture after the picture has been taken! So after you take a photo, when you look at it in the gallery, you can adjust whether you want a near focus, far focus or pan focus. You can even save it in all three versions! I'm amazed at this hahaha and it's very fun to play with it, so your photos can be in different styles. It's different from the filters or editing tools that you use where you sharpen the focus at a partcular area because those tend to be area-specific but this mode is object specific. So it looks nicer haha. Well, very good for someone likes food photography HAHA. I can now use my phone camera more often to take food shots! ^^

Going back to the money part... I shall not say how much I spent on this phone but it's very expensive and I felt my heart break during the payment time *sobs* But I thought of getting a good quality phone once and for all, and if it's still in good working condition after two years, I think I'll have no qualms continue using it. Btw, my previous phone was starting to surface some problems with the battery because sometimes it can't be charged at all. -.- But at least this problem was quite timely haha, when I can renew my contract already.

I swear, the wanderlust is superrr strong! And it doesn't help when you see your friends posting photos of their overseas trips (with their friends, no less) and you're just like, Iwannagotooooo! I'm very determined to go on a holiday with my friend(s) before uni starts. I mean, this is the time when you have no burden, commitment (besides work maybe) and you have time on your hands! The next time a similar phase in your life occurs will be after you graduate from uni... Haha, I don't think I can wait till then. I wanna go to Taiwan! I haven't been there before and I wanna go there to eat, shop and sightsee! I think going with friends is suitable for that place, because all these activities are not dangerous and you can have fun with them haha. I will gladly plan and organise the entire trip okay. I even went to compare the air tickets and some hotels of the area already! Yes I'm super enthu I just need to find someone or some friends to go with me heh.

As with any kind of holiday, a lot of money will be spent. :( If I were to plan my own holiday, it'll definitely be as budget as possible, because you'll be the one forking out the money eh! And it's not like I earn a lot from my part-time job... Sighpie that's why I'm willing to work more and earn more to go on a trip like this... Come on friends, if any of you wanna go to Taiwan (and can go) tell meee hahaha on the verge of desperation already LOL.

Money no enough, how? Haha no lah just kidding. It's just my conscience to spend less of my parents' money while at the same time satisfying my needs (and/or wants). Sigh. I shall cross my fingers and hope my friend can join me to go Taiwan...