Food Review: Carpenter and Cook

Just over the weekend I met up with Xin Yu at this quaint little vintage cafe!

Here's their iconic shop front haha. I can't believe this Xin Yu was so blur to walk past this and miss it. -.- Lol anyway, I know this shop has been around for close to two years and I'm slow, haha but yeah I'm finally trying the food here whee~

When I stepped in I was a little overwhelmed by all the vintage furniture and trinkets that they sell! It was a little bit too much I think, such that it looked a little messy. Or maybe it's just the crowd?

I'm not really a vintage-y person, although I do appreciate some ancient stuff. Haha, like those furniture used during my parents' time or even when I was still a kid! Those definitely brings back memories. (:

Ok so yes the foooooood. I was hungry by the time I waited for XY to arrive so the food on display was super tempting! Look at their savouries and their sweets! Definitely catered to a dessert/pastry lover like me! And because of their wonderful spread of food, I had a hard time choosing what to get haha.

In the end XY settled for the Swirly Bun while I got the Pecan Crumble Loaf Cake.

Swirly Bun ($5)

This bun was very soft and light, I think it's something like a Broiche bun! But I took one bite of it and I love it! It's considered a savoury since there's ham there. No wait or is that bacon? Haha I can't remember.

Pecan Crumble Loaf Cake ($5)

My Pecan Crumble Loaf Cake looks quite ordinary and dull even, but looks are deceiving! Haha, I knew this would be nice the moment I saw it. It's pecan, yoohoo? Who rejects pecans? Hahaha. And there's the crumble too, which is my favourite hehe.

Food porn heh, the above. Anyway it's like a loaf cake, so it's not that soft neither is it hard. I guess the outside was hard and crispy because of the crumble, which was sooo good. And the cake inside is really nice too! But I felt it was a bit too sweet for me. Oh the pecans. So full of crunchy goodness!

Both of us were craving for more so we ordered another item - Passionfruit Meringue Tart. Yep it's their signature item, and honestly the reason why I didn't choose it initially is that I don't really like meringue heh. It looks like cream and it just... puts me off. ><

But I was forced to take back my words. Well, partially. The tart was really yummy! I love the passionfruit and its hint of sourness matched the slightly sweet meringue well! No wonder this is their signature, and it always runs out by the end of the day. But I still can't say I like meringue, haha.

I like this cafe for their yummy bakes which totally fits for a dessert lover like me ahha. So I'm coming back again to try more of their loaf cakes (I spy the Apple Crumble one) and some of their savouries! (:

This place gets crowded on weekends so if you wanna hang around and chill or read a book like those typical cafe-goers (haha), go on a weekday. Hey I might try this one day okay. Haha, I'll see how long I can stay there without ordering even more food. xP

They opened up a takeaway store a few months ago at Thomson area, behind Thomson Plaza. I guess I'd go to this branch if I just want their food haha.

Carpenter and Cook
(Main branch)
19 Lorong Kilat
Singapore 598120
Tues - Sat 1000 - 2200
Sun 1000 - 1900
Closed on Mondays

(Takeaway outlet)
17 Jasmine Road
Singapore 576585
Tues - Sun 0800 - 2000
Closed on Mondays


Had a good time chilling and talking to XY. (: Thanks so much for just everything, I'm so glad we're still the same BFFs since Sec 1. :')