Food Review: Oz Specialty Coffee

Three weeks ago Nithya and I met up for an early dinner! I wanted to explore Thomson V Two, so off we went to this little cosy place!

Oz Specialty Coffee is on the first floor of Thomson V Two, a mixed use development with shops below and private apartments on top. I don't think they have a proper signboard (yet?) but you can identify it from its white furniture.

The photo above pretty much shows you how big - or small - the cafe is. I took it right at the entrance door! So yeah the interior is really small, with only four seats. The upper floor is not for dining. But there are more seats outside, about 5 tables.

I like this little stand, it's so cute!

I had a hard time deciding between the Summer Mix waffles and the Salmon Scramble, because both look very tempting! (As seen on Instagram.)

Salmon Scramble ($9.50)

Haha in the end, I got the Salmon Scramble! It consists of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, broiche toast, arugula leaves and Dijon mustard.

I think it looks very colourful, don't you think so? Haha, I like my food to be colourful and visually appealing. It also means that you have your greens, proteins and carbs! (Y)

The smoked salmon was a little bit bland, but it was fresh! The scrambled eggs however balanced the salmon well and provided the slightly salty taste. I think I would have preferred the broiche toast to be a bit thicker and fluffier. But the outside was nice and crispy. The angula leaves tasted a little weird at first, ok cos it's my first time eating it haha. But overall it's quite nice!

Affogato Belgium Liege Waffles ($8)

Nithya ordered this! It comes with espresso and vanilla ice cream. She said the waffles were crispy and good, but the portion was kinda small. 

What's good about this cafe is that they're open till 12 midnight every day! Definitely good for people having a late dinner or early supper! But the space is really limited so it's not suitable for big groups. Food wise it's not bad, though the menu is quite limited. It's rather affordable plus near my house so I may drop by again if I want a quick cafe meal hahaha.

Oz Specialty Coffee
11 Sin Ming Road #01-13
Thomson V Two
Singapore 595629
Mon - Fri 1200 - 2400
Sat - Sun 0900 - 2400