Yet another week

Time seriously flies omgosh. I know I said last week that I was gonna do up a food review the next day but... OOPS I didn't! >< Got more and more stuff to do for work! Plus I tend to get distracted easily whenever I'm trying to draft a food review... Like y'know, go check out other food places to eat HAHA.

Right now, I'm super stressed and nervous for scholarship/university applications!! I think I'm getting more and more paranoid hahaha. And I feel like scolding myself for only starting to prepare my essays and stuff now. :( :( Should have done it last month when I had more time, even though the application period wasn't open yet... 

And yes here I am still updating my blog instead of doing the important stuff! -.- Well I thought since I'm panicking... I most probably can't concentrate on preparing the necessary stuff well so HAHA I decided to continue tomorrow morning while I'm more calm and composed.

Shizz really quite nervous now.