Travelogue: Japan - Day Six

Hello I'm back to continue on my travelogue! Day Six right now, it's coming to an end soon... :(

I woke up to this amazing view, so I shall start the post with this picture too haha. And I know you're probably tired of seeing this mountain already HAHA but I can't help admiring it still. xP

We took a family shot at the breakfast table with the Mt Fuji in the background. It was so nice to soak in the atmosphere and relax and have a good breakfast with the gorgeous view just by your side!

But we were leaving Mt Fuji this morning, so here's one more shot of our hotel. (:

Went to the lake to snap a few more shots. (:

And I particularly like this shot, because you can see the sun's rays reflected on the water and they look like sparkles! So pretty~

So we took a bus back to Tokyo and stayed in another hotel. Our room was on the 19th floor so this is the view!

Headed for lunch at the underground subway station where they usually have stalls and corners for food.

Haha I like taking photos of their restaurants and kiosks, you should know by now heh.



I explored the station a bit more because there are really quite a number of shops, and I chanced upon this bakery! :O Omgosh can you imagine how excited I was? LOLOL as a bread lover, I toured the place and took in the sights and smell of the breads okay HAHAHA. And of course take some pictures of them. xD

I felt like I could eat them for all my meals, every day, no less! HAHA and I shared this discovery with my family so we could come back here later at night to buy breakfast for the next day hahaha! xD

After lunch we set off to Shibuya! I was very excited to be at the world-famous Shibuya crossing, known to be one of the busiest crossings in the world! That place is a little similar to Times Square in NYC. We were there on a Saturday afternoon, so all the more the crowds were present!

Check it out man, there's people EVERYWHERE. It's endless, and they walk in all directions!

 We went to this shopping centre called Shibuya 109, where they sell mainly clothes and accessories. Coincidentally, they were having a Christmas sale just for that weekend only, hence it was flooded with teenage girls and ladies. I would say it's something like our Far East Plaza.

But after walking about 3 levels of it we realise that there's nothing much for us to buy because it's mainly winter wear plus it's not that cheap too. So we headed out and decided to walk the streets instead.

But before that, my sister and I went to Starbucks on the 2nd storey to take more shots + video of the Shibuya crossing hehe. I heard that this Starbucks has one of the best views of the crossing!

It's amazing, seriously. And I wonder where all the crowds come from! Haha they walk in all directions and just ignore the pedestrian lines haha.

Fast forward to dinner time where we ate at another of those express restaurants (as I call it haha). I think it's quite fun to eat here leh, cos it's quick and simple and doesn't burn a hole in your pocket!

The two guys shared a Macs burger for supper haha and this is their kinda unique packaging lol.

That's all for Day Six, two days left!