Travelogue: Japan - Day Seven and Eight

Holla~ I've decided to combine days seven and eight because they're relatively short. Day Seven was spent entirely on shopping! Haha my auntie brought us to this place south of Tokyo called Odaiba. It's like a district that has many shopping centres catering for tourists. One shopping centre is like an outlet shopping centre, which my family kinda likes cos there are more discounts there hehe.

So we bought an all-day pass that allows us to take unlimited train rides on that island (yeah it's an island) to get from place to place.

 The bridge above is called the Rainbow Bridge. Haha you must be wondering why it's not rainbow-coloured... I was too lol.

Look how colourful the ferris wheel is! Haha this should be called 'rainbow' instead...

The first shopping centre that we went to is called Palette Town. It has an European theme so the architecture and design are very Mediterranean/European-ish.

There was an arcade there for kids and since my cousins went in I checked it out as well. And look what I saw!

Neoprint booths! Hahaha! They look exactly the same as those in Singapore haha (of course right)... When I saw it this wave of nostalgia overwhelmed me. I used to take neoprints when I was in P6 till Sec 2. Haha I remember how we'd always be so excited to take and then decorate the photos! And guess what, it's so much cheaper in Japan than here! Ok duh right. Lol since it's a local thing. It's only about S$5 as compared to the S$11 that we took last time. I'm pretty sure it's more expensive now haha. Was a bit tempted to take with my siblings and cousins but I know it's just gonna be a rash decision of mine heh.

Lunch time~ We went to their food court to eat since we thought there'd be more choices.

Cookies and Cream smoothie (Nope I didn't order this.)

The above is just like a beeper that tells you when your food is ready, then you proceed to the stall to collect your food.

Chicken meat and egg rice with salad

Omu rice with hamburg

Hamburg steak

Mille crepe cake! Finally tried this haha.

Ootd with their Christmas deco in the background. (:

We spent so long just at this shopping centre! By the time we were ready to go to the next one, it was already close to sunset!

We walked over to another shopping centre called Diver City where we're even more pleased to find that there are more shops with more discounts!

Snapping a last shot at this place before we leave... I love the sunset effect, makes the photo look very... bittersweet/nostalgic-ish haha.

Maybe it was the sunset, or maybe it's the place, or maybe it's my last full day in Japan, but somehow I had a very sad but happy feeling... LOL how do I describe it... Like the place was so beautiful it struck a chord in me. It was so open, so spacious, so... slow-paced. Well at least for that place and definitely not Tokyo as a whole.

I love this photo above. (:

Our dinner was very simple - Subway. Haha cos we didn't have time to wait and queue for another eatery/restaurant since we had to catch the shuttle bus back to our hotel from the train station. I always like trying Subway in other countries. There are always sandwiches that aren't sold in Singapore, so I always like to try them! But this time... I ate Teriyaki Chicken instead hahaha! I was deciding really hard between a Shrimp and Bacon Cheese sandwich and this Teriyaki Chicken okay. Haha then my sister's rationale for choosing it is that we have yet to try Japan's Teriyaki Chicken so we should all the more it's one of our last meals there! LOL so I just went for it... And no regrets! The chicken was very tasty and the bread was oh-so-good! ^^

And the shot below is the Rainbow Bridge lit up at night! Yup it's rainbow alright.

Took some night shots of the view from our hotel. It looked so peaceful and calming despite the lights everywhere~ Haha quite ironic I know.

Rise and shine for our last day in Japan! Day Eight is super short, we got up early at 6 plus because we had a morning flight. So this is one last photo of my hotel room view. Look closely and you can see Mount Fuji in the distance! (:

Haha don't mind the bread photos please, these were from the bakery I mentioned previously hah! They're really good okay. I wanna buy more from thereee!

Boarded the flight and touched back down in Singapore. It did feel good to be back, and I'm happy to be back! But you know, there's always that I-don't-wanna-go-home feeling everytime you go on a holiday... Yeah. I had the I-still-wanna-continue-travelling feeling! It's particularly strong this time round, maybe since I've already finished A Levels and I have a long holiday that is so perfect for travelling! But of course, travelling needs so much money... :( I've realised that with every holiday/overseas trip, my motivation to work hard gets stronger, because only then can I reward myself (and have the financial means) to go on a holiday! Seriously, I really, really like and want to travel. I've written a personal statement on it and I'm proud of what I wrote (haha) because it really speaks right from my heart. (:

Anyway about this Japan trip, as usual I'm thankful for my parents for bringing us. (: It's kinda unexpected and a bit last-minute, but it's still a great getaway. (: Another country off my list, and I'm pretty sure there's many more to come... (:

Thanks all for reading my travelogue! Hope it hasn't been too boring hahaha.