First day of work!

Whoo today was my first day of work! Most people my age are going for their first day of school but I'm going for my first day of work instead! Haha. I miss those first-days-of-school y'know.

Anyway yes I got a part-time job at a cafe/restaurant and I was quite nervous yet excited for it! Ever since I started to like cafe-hopping, I began to consider working in a cafe during this holidays. Went for the job interview on Christmas Day no less, and whoop was hired on the spot! Yay the interviewer even praised me for doing well for my first job interview hehe. ^^

It's not my first time working but it is as a service crew. I was kinda confident that I won't break any plates or glass heh, but still you know that natural sense of nervousness you get? Yup but thankfully the people were nice and were patient with me. (: There were many other part timers as well and around 4 of them were also students waiting for exam results! So I got acquainted with them very easily and soon began to feel more at ease.

Looking forward to working tomorrow again! Hopefully nothing undesirable happens heh. (: