Food Review: Drury Lane

Hoho welcome to my first food review! Finally dragging my hands to type out this food review ahha. Previously I encountered some problems with the photos hence the lag.

So last Friday, Celest, Yi Xin and I went to Drury Lane to celebrate the end of As! Whoo finally it's time to celebrate and go cafe-hopping! :D

The brick-red door is pretty easy to spot!

The name of this cafe is actually a street name in London.

First floor

There are two storeys to this cafe. They expanded their seating capacity on the here. I remember the first time I came (just to take a look-see at the desserts on the counter HAHA) there was only that small ledge on the left like those sushi bar kinds haha.

Stairs to the second floor

Second floor

 I love it that we came on a weekday morning (brunch time) and there was no one on the second floor! So we had essentially the whole cafe to ourselves hahaha. Feels so good. xD

I like their decor; it's simple and classy!

And now for the food!

So these were what the three of us ordered! Yumyum they look so appetising!

Salmon and Mushroom sandwich ($8)

I ate this open-faced sandwich and I was hoping it would be good. True enough I wasn't disappointed and the smoked salmon was fresh and chewy at the same time. The mushrooms were also very tasty and I like the layer of cream cheese spread beneath the salmon. Goes well with the ingredients on top. The multigrain toast was a little hard to cut, but I guess it's toasted that's why. Maybe the portion can be a little bigger? Ok but given the price I'm not complaining. :P

Eggs Benedict ($12)

Celest tried this and it was not bad. The poached eggs came with honey cured bacon and toast. The turkey bacon was not salty, which is a good thing! Rather unlike the normal ones you'd eat.

Run, egg yolk, run!

Haha and yep the egg yolk was flowy!

Salmon Baked Eggs ($12)

I was actually deciding between this dish and the earlier sandwich. But since Yi Xin wanted this I opted for the sandwich instead. Anyway this is one of their specialties, and consists of smoked salmon, capers, spinach leaves, homemade baked beans, cheese and the multigrain toast. I think it's quite a unique but refreshing combination that's a hit all of us! I only took one or two mouthfuls so I can't exactly describe in detail oops.

In addition to brunch items they do have lunch specials like pasta, and also desserts like muffins and tarts! The desserts look very tempting but we thought we should save our stomach space for something else as we shopped later on heh. I heard their Salted Caramel Tart and Candy Bar Pie are good! Will come back another day to try them hehe.


Overall I like Drury Lane for its tasty and affordable food! I really hope prices won't increase (any further) because it'll deter me from going there in future given my unemployment now haha. I'm just a student living on pocket money y'know... LOL. But yes go on weekday mornings if possible, because it's really quiet and the ambience is just right to spend some alone time or with some friends. (:

Drury Lane
94 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088515
Mon 0900 - 1000
Wed - Fri 0900 - 1000
Sat - Sun 1000 - 1800

And now some pictures of us! (:

This is taken at the lovely seating area on the second floor. Cosy and nice to have a cuppa and read a good book!

Hahaha this is us posing as drunkards and retards going maddd cos of too much studying! xD Luckily we had the whole of the second floor to ourselves so nobody could judge us LOL.

Yay and this is us happy and satisfied and all prepared to go prom-shopping!